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Denise leaving for Hillman.

I can’t help but think of the pertinence in Clair’s “But because I like you”. Because parents are basically obligated to love their child. But like them? That is earned. Mamma Rashad, everybody!

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The Cosby Show | Season Four Opening Credits
This season’s opening sequence features the cast dancing happily to vocal funk/jazz. The vocals were sung by Bobby McFerrin. Unlike the first three seasons, the opening credits featured the cast wearing some formal ’30s-style clothing with Bill Cosby wearing a top hat and tails, Tempestt Bledsoe wearing a Navy uniform similar to what performers would wear when performing to the troops in the USO. Malcolm-Jamal Warner wore a business suit and is seen looking at his watch then starts tapping his feet, etc. Geoffrey Owens (Elvin Tibideaux) is introduced to the regular cast by Cosby leading him into Sabrina LeBeauf’s credit scene, symbolizing Heathcliff Huxtable “giving away” his daughter Sondra to her new husband. Before the producer credits appear, Bill Cosby is briefly seen holding a picture of Lisa Bonet (Denise). Bonet does not appear as a regular this season, having departed for the spinoff series, A Different World.

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